PetDialog App Features

The free PetDialog app gives you and your vet a unique insight into every aspect of your pet’s life.


Create reminders for all your pet’s appointments and treatments, which will pop up when you need them most.


Record important information about your dog such as weight, food and play to create a full picture of their wellbeing


Track all your walks with your dog using GPS technology in the same way that you may track your jogging with a running app.

Pet Profile

Keep all your pet’s important information to hand, such as microchip and insurance details, not to mention their birthdays!

Track the progress of their activities such as walks, playtime, weight and more, as well as managing those all important medications.


If you dog or cat is living with diabetes, the PetDialog app can be used to record blood glucose levels calculated by the AlphaTrak monitor. Your vet is able to view these blood glucose recordings that were taken at home in your pet’s normal stress free environment helping them to optimally manage your pet’s diabetes

Lifestyle Quiz

Answer a series of simple questions about your pet’s lifestyle and in return you’ll receive some personalised recommendations to help keep your pet fit and healthy.

The Quality of Life Assessment

Quality of life is a measure of emotional well-being and can provide a deeper insight into your dog’s health. The assessment takes just 5 minutes to complete and the results are shared with you and your vet.



Have you ever wanted to know how your dog is feeling? Unfortunately, we can’t ask them, however could this be the next best thing…

Nobody has a better understanding of your dog than you, which is why scientists and vets at the University of Glasgow have used this special bond to create the Quality of Life Assessment tool to help measure your dog’s emotional well-being.

The assessment consists of a series of short but revealing questions that will take no more than 5 minutes for you to complete.

All results are then shared with your vet to help gain a deeper insight into your dog’s well-being, from early detection of health issues, managing disease and measuring the success of treatment.

The free PetDialog app gives you and your vet a unique insight into every aspect of your pet's life.

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