The Best Christmas Presents For Your Dog

By Gemma Hopkins on 21 December 2017

As we all know, Christmas is a time for the whole family, and in dog-friendly households that includes our beloved furry friends. Presents for dogs can actually require more thought than the gifts we choose for humans in some cases. There is no right or wrong present, of course, and you will be able to select from a whole range of different present types.


The best bed to buy: The Great & Small Duvet Bed

The duck egg Great & Small Duvet Bed which is available at Pets Corner for £39.99 is surely the star of the show when it comes to dog beds this Christmas. Some presents for dogs are a no-brainer, and for a number of reasons, including a budget-friendly price, the Great & Small Duvet Bed is head and shoulders above the rest. Let’s face it, while we all want the best bed for our dog, nobody likes a dog bed to dominate the layout of a room, like some of the larger options available this Christmas. That’s where the Great & Small Duvet Bed comes in, being able to fit snugly in the corner of a kitchen or living room, without dominating the space. The duvet cover comes off for easy washing, but the key is the super comfy inner mattress, which can make this dog bed a sanctuary which your pet loves for years to come.

The best toy to buy: Planet Dog Orbee Ball

This creation from Planet Dog can prove a savvy buy for your dog this Christmas. Perfect for walks or in the garden, the unpredictable bounce of the Planet Dog Orbee Ball adds to the fun, and chasing it down will never get old. Available in a number of cool designs, including a globe, the Planet Dog Orbee Ball is noted for its chewiness, it also has a minty scent which will stand the test of time. You should take care when selecting from the range of different sizes which is available, as this could influence the durability of the ball you buy. That’s because experts say that a toy of this nature should not fit into the back of your dog’s jaw, or it will disintegrate at a faster rate. So pick diligently by comparing the size to that of your pooch’s gnashers.

The best accessory to buy: Rosewood Hi Travel First Aid Kit

Available from Monster Pets Supplies for the very reasonable price of £11.87, this first aid kit is perfect to take with you on long summer holidays or weekends on which dog walks through unfamiliar territory will figure prominently. Should the worst happen and your dog become injured while you are out and about, you can count on the Rosewood Hi Travel First Aid Kit to provide you with all the essentials you need to address the damage, inside a handy, compact carrying case. It could allow you to significantly improve your dog’s condition before you are able to get to a vet. Included in the Rosewood Hi Travel First Aid Kit are everything from dressing pads, tweezers, wipes, saline pods, and even a foil blanket to use when retaining your dog’s body warmth becomes a concern. The Rosewood Hi Travel First Aid Kit fits conveniently into the boot of your car and means you aren’t spun out when an emergency happens, either out on the road or at home. You will naturally hope that you never have to put your Rosewood Hi Travel First Aid Kit into action, but there can be bumps and scrapes which inevitably mean you will have to pop it open and get to work. So make sure you are prepared while at home, and on trips away, with this great festive gift idea.

Something both you and your dog can enjoy: Phileas Dogg’s Guide to Dog-Friendly Holidays in Britain

If you are looking to buy your dog a Christmas gift which you can also enjoy – after all, aren’t they the best type of presents? – then look no further than this beautifully written Phileas Dogg’s Guide to Dog-Friendly Holidays in Britain. Armed with this tome, you will never be short of holiday ideas up and down the country, with your furry friend’s perspective taken into account at every turn. Over 300 destinations have been reviewed for the purposes of Phileas Dogg’s Guide to Dog-Friendly Holidays in Britain – from beaches to pubs, hotels and caravan sites. You can rely on this publication to provide you with the dog aspects of holiday walks, and even the best locations for a tinkle after dark. This book can be seen as the dog version of the Michelin guide, helping you tailor your vacations to be pet-friendly, and offering the potential for saving a lot of hassle by ensuring you don’t run into any locations in which dogs are not welcome. This book can fit perfectly beneath your car’s dashboard, or make for a fabulous talking point resting on your bookshelf in your living room – guests are bound to be intrigued by it.


So that’s our look at some brilliant Christmas presents for dogs, which will hopefully make your festive shopping easier this year. Remember, a new gift such as a toy or bed can be just as exciting for a pet as it is for a human. They value the excitement of something new to play with and a departure from the same routine or surroundings. The best way to make your dog feel included in the festivities is to buy your dog Christmas toys they won’t want to leave alone, even personalised dog gifts which become a cherished accessory. Merry Christmas to you and your dog.




Gemma holds an RCVS Certificate in Veterinary Cardiology and continues to work part time in practice to remain up to date and continue her interest in cardiology.

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